Love is the Force that Does Change Your Life

Uplift Your Life & Relationships
By Being the Love-able You

What’s a Love-Ability Factor?

  • Love-Ability = Of such a nature as to Have Love, Deserve Love, be Able to Love, and Allow Yourself to Be Loved (as you are).
  • Factors = elements that contribute to a particular result
  • Overall Result = to Love and Be Loved; to Live a Heart and Love led life; to be Happy, Healthy, and Whole!

Your Love-Ability Factors™ empower you to be:

  • Unapologetically & Radiantly You – so you are consistently yourself at home, work, and with everyone in your life.
  • Vibrant, love-rich, reciprocal and fulfilled in your relationships – so you can be a giver without being taken advantage of.
  • Full of joy – because you make choices based on your chosen life and love style priorities™.
  • Happy, Healthy, and Whole – because you are living a life of ease instead of struggle regardless of what your world throws at you…and you start to see the change in others simply by being the love-able you!

When you’re aligned with these 15 Love-Ability Factors™ in your life, self, and relationships…You feel happy, healthy, fulfilled, and whole. ~ Dr. Dar

Your Sneak Peek

These are 7 of the 15 foundational factors that contribute to YOU being
Happy, Healthy, and Whole!

7 Love-Ability Factors By Dr. Dar

We’ve just gotta get more love into our world, don’t you agree?

Take Me to the Love-Ability Quiz Now Please

Fellow Love Seeker, know that I love and appreciate you,

Dr. Dar

If you’re wondering what a Love Seeker is…Watch the video 🙂

Appreciation: This video has been adapted from ‘The Crazy Ones’ by Rob Siltanen and Lee Clow, popularized in the Think Different Ad for Apple.  I am grateful to them for helping me define us as Love Seekers.