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We’d Love to Have You As A Guest On Our RelationShifts Show

We love to have guests on our show…’cuz there is a whole lot in our world that we don’t know about that is of tremendous value to our viewers/listeners.  We invite you to mosey on down this page – check out how our RelationShifts show topics are organized – and let us know you want in by completing the inquiry form towards the bottom of this page.

Now, we’ll tell you more about our Show Themes and Topics

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Our Topics are Organized into High Level Categories

For Singles


For Couples

RelationShifts - Couple's Love Bits

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Then…We Break Down Each Category
Into These Topics

For Singlesfyp-love-bytes

For Couplesrs-couples-love-bytes

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Be a Guest on Our Show

  • Which audience does your topic relate to and address?
  • Review the topic options above this form and let me know which one appeals to you.
  • Tell us a bit about you so we can share this on our show during the intro. Make this fun and memorable :-).
  • If there's anything in particular you'd like for me to promote at the end of the show, please let me know. The item to be promoted must be related to the show episode topic/theme.