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Hey, You Just Have to Know Your
Unique Love Dynamics™

Love Dynamics with Human Design with Dr. Dar

So you can have stress free, love filled, and just downright amazing relationships!

What’s Love Dynamics™?
It sounds really cool!

Love Dynamicsfocuses on the relationship related aspects of Human Design, a progressive, self-awareness tool.  This logical system gives you your own road map for how to be comfy in your own skin and being you in the world.

You get a specially prepared ‘customized’ report that’s delivered to you in a private session with Dr. Dar.

Pssst…She’s been using this system in her own life for over a decade, it truly is life changing.  The best way to explain it is to experience it…it truly makes going through life’s ups and downs easier.

Welcome to Love Dynamics™
A novel way to view yourself and your relationships .

Here are some questions my clients asked and answered in their Love Dynamics session.

~ Singles ~It's All About Me - Self-Respect

  • Why does my heart get broken over and over again?
  • What is wrong with me, ‘cuz my relationships keep ending?
  • Why do I attract people who lie or cheat?
  • Which qualities should I look for in a date or mate?
  • What qualities do I have that make me a great date or mate?
  • Why do certain things that others do trigger me?
  • Why are my emotions so prevalent with certain people?
  • Why do some people react or respond to me the way they do?
  • When do I walk away from a relationship?
  • How do I say no without feeling bad about it?
  • How do I find my people – those who accept me for who I am?

~ Couples ~

RelationShifts - Couples in Love

  • Why do we have communication problems and how do I fix them?
  • Why do some things my partner does drive me bat sh*t crazy?
  • My partner does not support me emotionally, how do I get him/her to?
  • My in-laws are meddling with our relationship and my partner does not see it, what do I do about it?
  • How do I say no without feeling bad about it?
  • What can  I do to stop being jealous?
  • Our family dynamics are stressful because everyone has a different personality, how can I bring more respect and peace to my home?
  • My partner nags me constantly, what can I do about it?
  • Why does my partner not listen to me?

I want my Love Dynamics™ ReportYour Love Dynamics™ Report Session
also covers these themes





Inner Compass

With Your Custom Love Dynamics™ Report, you will have:

  • Your own strategy for making decisions
  • Let go of the things that don’t feel good or serve you without guilt or feeling bad about it
  • Stop feeling exhausted after being with certain people
  • Be free from what others think of you or from comparing yourself to others
  • Have people listen to you and understand you more fully
  • Be confident in any situation and with anyone
  • Eliminate doubt and uncertainty when navigating your relationships
  • Know your strengths, gifts, and yup the gotchas to be aware of that you bring to your relationships
  • Have a deeper understanding of  your past and how they affect your present relationships
  • Heal your wounded heart so you can connect with the Power of Love!

There’s much more for you to discover in your custom
Love Dynamics™ report!

How Do I Get Started?

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I want my Love Dynamics™ Report