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How to Love a Person Who Hurt You

Have You Ever Felt Like Your Heart is a Target? We’ve all been there at some point in our lives… Caught between Love for a person who has hurt you… and disliking them…or worse. A relationship ending… A relationship going awry… A friendship going from nice to nasty… An argument with a family member… On our own accord…..or some other reason. Being
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Dare to Be Different – Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

Single or Together on Valentine’s Day? It Matters Not When it comes to Self-Love My valentine’s day will be a day at work, much like many of you, given it’s a Tuesday, being joyful and kind by choice. My Dare to Be Different – Valentine’s Day Survival Guide So, my hubby and I are celebrating it this weekend. I ask ‘What would
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Take the Love Plunge ~ 15 Love-Ability Factors for Love Seekers

15 Love-Ability Factors™ for LOVE SEEKERS Have Fulfilling, Happy, and Healthy Relationships As a Love Luminary, Love and Relationship Coach for Singles…I found that most relationships failed with the absence of any of these 15 Love-Ability Factors. Having Self-Respect  (a proper sense of one’s own dignity and integrity) Having Self-Acceptance Being Yourself Valuing and appreciating yourself, your Life, and others Being supportive
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