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Is Change Good or Bad or Both?

When change is so rampant in the world we live in, it’s important to take pause and answer the question Is change good or bad or both? IT DEPENDS See my quote below If you feel like you are being changed, whether it is in your job or personal life, then you can be at choice.  You can wait to see what
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How to Love a Person Who Hurt You

Have You Ever Felt Like Your Heart is a Target? We’ve all been there at some point in our lives… Caught between Love for a person who has hurt you… and disliking them…or worse. A relationship ending… A relationship going awry… A friendship going from nice to nasty… An argument with a family member… On our own accord…..or some other reason. Being
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19 Ways to Tell If You Are A Love Seeker

Welcome Love Seeker Chances are, you are a love seeker if you’ve made it here.  Something attracted you, got activated in you, compelled you to get here.  Yippee! Love Seekers tend to be one or more of the following: Love Seekers may also change who they are, thinking they have to become someone else to make it in this world. Later in life,
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