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Dare to Be Different – Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

Single or Together on Valentine’s Day? It Matters Not When it comes to Self-Love My valentine’s day will be a day at work, much like many of you, given it’s a Tuesday, being joyful and kind by choice. My Dare to Be Different – Valentine’s Day Survival Guide So, my hubby and I are celebrating it this weekend. I ask ‘What would
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Take the Love Plunge ~ 15 Love-Ability Factors for Love Seekers

15 Love-Ability Factors™ for LOVE SEEKERS Have Fulfilling, Happy, and Healthy Relationships As a Love Luminary, Love and Relationship Coach for Singles…I found that most relationships failed with the absence of any of these 15 Love-Ability Factors. Having Self-Respect  (a proper sense of one’s own dignity and integrity) Having Self-Acceptance Being Yourself Valuing and appreciating yourself, your Life, and others Being supportive
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How to Give a Breathtaking Gift that Will Make Anyone Swoon

You don’t have to buy this Gift  It’s a Gift for Yourself and the Person You Want to Give to This Gift will Not Cost You Anything…Monetarily This Gift is called Forgiveness Here’s what I’ve learned as I’ve processed my gift giving and receiving on Forgiveness: I’ve done a ton of inner work focused on forgiveness over the last week in collaboration
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